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As if their clothes aren’t enough to pull us into their store, Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo has something else up their sleeves.

Imagine entering a room with colorful installations where you can have fun and take photos. Each of the three exhibits are inspired from its summer essentials of the brand’s U, Linen, and DRY-EX lines. Check these out:

Sit down and relax by the mint green sofa, or have a picnic by the tree. The colorful assortment of balloons give you another reason to stay in this first stop. Hint: there’s a secret room nearby, so don’t forget to look for it.


You can pick up any of these origami cranes and cones. Try sitting down on the floor for a different spin on your usual portrait shots.


Don’t worry, this bathtub comes with a cushioned foam, making you want to take a few more photos and enjoy some bubbly goodness.


And before you head out, you’ll see some of the latest summer essentials on display. The best news of all? The “UNIQLO Summer: An Interactive Exhibit” is free for everyone. So visit their Global Flagship Store in Glorietta 5 from April 6-13, 11AM-9PM.

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