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In case you missed it, Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico, Georgina Wilson-Burnand, Isabelle Daza-Semblat, and Liz Uy launched their very first clothing line last year and now, they finally revealed their summer collection!

In collaboration with the online fashion retailer Zalora, the brand called the___edit was first launched in 2018. It debuted with a 60-piece flattering apparel and shoe line that are effortless, sophisticated, and timeless.

For the new collection, the___edit focuses on looks that are comfortable and light perfect for the summer season. It features 40 pieces of timeless garments such as blazers, draped sheer tops, button downs, and wrap-around dresses that will give you some serious summer vibes.

The summer edit

During an interview with the press at the launch on April 4, Georgina, Belle, and Liz said that the new collection is all about summer colors and comfortable pieces that can be used from summer up to the holiday season.

“It’s all summer colors. As you can see it’s blush, peach, fuchsia, whites, yellows, and a lot of linens for the fabrics.  Since we’re in a tropical country, you can wear it everyday, from summer to holidays. You can wear it in the city or in the beach,” Liz said.

(L-R) Paulo Campos, Founder and CEO of Zalora Philippines with Isabelle Daza, Georgina Wilson, Liz Uy, and Raymond Gutierrez (Photo by Noel Pabalate/Manila Bulletin)

Belle also revealed that this is her favorite collection, because they already know what they want when it comes to the pieces. They are very meticulous in planning, down to the kind of fabrics to be used.

“I love this collection because I think we perfected working together and what cuts, silhouettes, and fabrics that we like for this country and even when we travel. We wanted something that is durable and light. Something that we can really maximize throughout the year,” she said.

Curating versatile and mom-friendly pieces

Since three of the It Girls are now moms, they made sure that all of the clothes from the collection are versatile and perfect for everyone.

“It’s for the Gen Zs, the millennials, everybody. The shapes, cuts, and colors of the collection flatter everybody,” Georgina shared. “We want to make sure that it looks good to everyone. We also love seeing guys wear the___edit, too. And I feel that it’s so important to make a genderless collection that suits everybody.”

Photo by Noel Pabalate/Manila Bulletin

If you’ve noticed, most of the pieces from the new collection are button-downs and wrap dresses. It’s because they also want breastfeeding moms to experience the___edit and to be more comfortable wearing it.

“When we’re designing the___edit Belle and Liz were breastfeeding and I’m gonna be breastfeeding again soon. So if you check it out, we have a lot of button downs and wrap dresses. Mom-friendly siya,” she added.

Working with your besties

According to the girls, the best part about their collaboration is that they get to work with each other. They can be straightforward, honest, and even challenge each other’s ideas.

“I think you need your friends to help you make an edit. I think that’s the whole story behind our collection, that all of us will challenge each other’s ideas and we can be like “maganda ba talaga ‘yan? maganda ba for everybody?” Imagine you have a limitless design your dream wardrobe, you’re gonna get carried away. All of us are super hands on and we came up with so many ideas but the ones that were made actually suited everybody,” Georgina said.

When asked about the hardest part about working together, Belle revealed: “Nag-away kami, yeah. I think it’s because we’re all very opinionated and we have strong personalities. We’re all controlling and I guess perfectionist. I’m not gonna lie, it was tough for us to come together and to agree on certain things. But that’s also what’s fun about it. We have our fights, but it’s just petty.”

the___edit is exclusively available on Zalora starting Thursday, April 4 at Price starts at P2,499.


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