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It’s nice to see how people are becoming more eco-friendly nowadays. Some of us are trying our best to start a zero-waste lifestyle by using metal straws, tumblers, and reusable utensils. We’re also thankful that local brands are also selling shampoo and conditioner bars, and even bamboo toothbrush to support a plastic-free lifestyle.

But if you stopped using plastic toothbrush and you’re planning to get rid of your old ones, don’t throw them away just yet. You can donate them and help save Mother Earth.

In a Facebook post by Lovelyn Ocampo-Garcia, she’s encouraging everyone to donate old and used toothbrush to the University of the Philippines (UP) Archeological Studies Program. If you’re curious about its purpose, these will be used as a cleaning tool for artifacts.

“The UP Archeological Studies Program is accepting used toothbrush to be used in cleaning artifacts. A great way to help mother earth,” Ocampo-Garcia wrote.

Just like sachets and other plastic materials, tons of toothbrush make their way to landfills every year. The majority of those will never biodegrade and will remain for decades. That’s why we’re very thankful that bamboo toothbrush and even solid toothpaste tabs now exist.

You can send a message to Lovelyn Ocampo-Garcia or to the UP Archeological Studies Program’s Facebook page to know how to donate.

Featured image courtesy of Recycle Nation 


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