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Lip balms are our best friend when it comes to moisturizing our puckers. It gives our dry lips moisture and it’s a good base before applying our favorite lipsticks. Cherry, strawberry, mint, and other flavored lip balms are the most popular ones in the market. But did you know that sisig-flavored lip balm exists?

On Friday, March 29, Sisig Society, restaurant that offers sisig (obviously) and other Pinoy dishes, posted on their social media accounts that they’re launching their very own sisig-flavored lip balm.

“Hungry? Grease your lips with our new Sisig Lip Balm! Taste your favorite Sisig in a swipe, kanin na lang ang kulang,” it wrote.

The oddly flavored balm comes in two variants: Classic Pork and Spicy Chicken. Whether you like pork or you want chicken for a change, there’s a lip balm that will satisfy your sisig cravings.

According to Sisig Society, you can get the lip balms for free when you buy at any of their branch. You can also message them and make a reservation.

We haven’t tried it yet, but if you’re thinking that this is some kind of an April Fools joke, we’re sure that this one is legit. Netizens even shared on Instagram that it actually smells and tastes like sisig. Interesting, right?

Would you use this sisig-flavored lip balm from Sisig Society? We’re definitely trying the Classic Pork!

Featured image from Sisig Society


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