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English actor Benedict Cumberbatch who is known for his role as Sherlock and “Doctor Strange” is reportedly joining the cast of box-office hit heist thriller movie “Now You See Me.”

According to the Business Times, the 42-year-old Cumberbatch is expected to be the next nemesis in “Now You See Me 3.” However, there is no definite information yet if the original members of the cast will reprise their roles, same with the target release date of the film.

Some of the star-studded members of the cast of “Now You See Me: The Second Act” are Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Dave Franco, and Jesse Eisenberge. How great it is to see these talented actors together with Cumberbatch! 

Who’s excited to see this movie? 

(Featured image from @221bakerstreet_sherlock)


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