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Last year, a conversation between a passenger and an Uber driver who thought that Happy Lemon is a holiday gone viral. The milk tea brand decided to make it as one of their events in 2018 and it looks like it will be an annual thing.

Happy Lemon is bringing back the “Happy Lemon Day” on Wednesday, March 20. The brand announced the exciting news on their social media page.

“It is no doubt that our Rock Salt & Cheese drink is a superstar! Thank you everyone for making Happy Lemon Day possible again this year! On March 20, head over to any Happy Lemon branch to get your Buy One Get One Rock Salt and Cheese drink! See you there everybody!” it wrote.

To avail the buy-one-take-one promo, all you have to do is purchase any of your favorite Rock Salt and Cheese drink and you can get the same order for free. Each person is allowed two orders, which means you can get four Rock Salt and Cheese Drinks for the price of two.

The promo is available only on March 20 at any of their branches nationwide.

Which one will you get? We’re definitely buying our favorite Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese!

Header image from Happy Lemon


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