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In case you didn’t know, March is the month we dedicate to celebrate the wins and contribution of women to history and society. There are a lot of ways to go about it, as seen in various ads, events, and promotions, but we can always do more actionable conducts to make this month extra special for every woman in our lives.

For one, we can acknowledge the fact that we’ve made significant changes in terms of gender equality over the years, but we still have our work cut out for us. The good news is that everyone can do something to effect positive changes for women across the globe. Here are five things to do if you’re unsure where to start:

Really listen and speak up more

The first thing we can do to gather the will and know-how to intervene more is to educate ourselves on the latest socio-political issues surrounding the world today. We may think we’re doing enough by being “nice,” but then again, we need concrete acts to really progress the movement.

When we ask women about their struggles, do not listen to respond, actually listen to understand. Do not assume that you know how to “fix” their battles because sometimes that’s worse than not listening at all. Mediate in important conversations or call out deeds you hold wrong both in public or private.

Acknowledge that some men are accountable

You can make it known that you are against sexism and vile acts men have been committing on women. It’s rare that men stand up for this especially in the workplace, so you can definitely cover this.

Understand that men do have privileges

It might be difficult to recognize that men have allowances women do not have. However, you can use this position to advocate for women and utilize your self-awareness to not subscribe to causes that suppress women in any way.

Equal partnership starts at home

Be more proactive in terms of sharing the chores and responsibilities with your spouse. Whether you both have jobs or not, maintaining a home isn’t as chill as some deem it to be. Get planning on what works best and do things you can without being asked.

Vote for female representation

This doesn’t mean you have to blindly cast your vote because the candidates are women — not at all. Learn more about those you believe in and actively show your support towards whom you decide you want to be elected.


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