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Xing Fu Tang, home to one of Taiwan’s best-selling brown sugar pearl drinks, is finally open here in Manila.

Its first branch, located at the 4th level of The Podium, is now offering beverages featuring their signature and freshly stir-fried brown sugar boba or pearls. It’s preparation is right at the counter for everyone to see.

You can already try out some of the drinks at the store, including their flagship product, Brown Sugar Boba Milk (P120), as well as Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea (120), Matcha Boba Milk (P120), Lemon Green Tea (P100), and Lemon Black Tea (P100). Their Strawberry Boba Milk (P120) will be available soon.

There’s one other experience that’s worth trying and certainly unique to Xing Fu Tang, too. You get to find out your fortune of the day.

While waiting in line the order-claiming counter, you can pick randomly from a bunch of red-ended wooden sticks with numbers written on them.

That number has a corresponding drawer that reveals the day’s fortune, ranging from life advices, reassurances, calls of action, and borderline love hugots.

Our team got #25 and it says, “Your effort in love will be rewarded. It’s not an unrequited love anymore.”

Watch how you can determine your fortune of the day here:

Photos and Video by Madel Crudo


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