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In 2010, Nigel, an African Grey parrot, flew away from his California home and left his British owner Darren Chick behind. 

Fortunately after four years, the parrot came back home, with a twist, he’s now speaking a new language. 

According to the Independent report, a dog parlour owner Julia Sperling, discovered Nigel. She took him in after matching the African grey to a missing pet advertisement she saw in a newspaper.

“He was the happiest bird. He was singing and talking without control. He was barking like the dogs,” she told the Independent. Sperling, who was from Panama, added the bird was saying “What happened?” in Spanish.

In effort to find Nigel’s owner, Sperling first handed the parrot to Teresa Micco, a veterinarian’s technician who also lost her pet bird. However, Sperling noticed that the parrot did not match Micco’s parrot qualities, so she tried to trace the owner that will match Nigel. 

It’s a good thing Micco tracked Nigel’s microchip, which led them to find Chick, Nigel’s original keeper.

Chick said that Nigel bit him at first, but once the bird realized who he was, everything went all alright. To his surprise, Chick added that all Nigel’s British accent was also gone and has been replaced by a fluent Spanish language.

What an intelligent bird!

(The original version of this article was first published on . Featured image: an African Grey parrot. Photo from WPIX)


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