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The beauty world is constantly changing. There are a lot of new products and technology hitting the market every year. Everyone is taking their beauty services to the next level and services like eyebrow embroideries, lash lift, semi-permanent makeup are now available almost everywhere.

If trying a new treatment is part of your beauty resolutions this year, you should check out Ayumi Japanese Lashes and Nail Art services. They offer various services like eyelash extensions, nail art, foot spa, and more. We visited their branch in Timog, Quezon City and tried three of their beauty services for the first time. Read our thoughts on these services below:

  1. Lash extensions (P3,500)

Ankri: Ayumi’s Ange Curl extensions is a great deal for first timers like me. I always wanted to try this kind of service because my lashes are extremely short. The eyelash extension technician will perm your natural lashes before putting the extensions. She also explained that they only use 100% sable mink ultra light lashes that’s why it looks more natural and soft. No need to worry about being uncomfortable with the extensions because they only uses high quality glue to adhere the lash extensions to your natural lashes. It has a gentle formula that makes the application pain-free. The only downside of having lash extensions is you cannot rub your eyes because your extensions might fall out. But because of their special glue, the fall out of your real lashes is not as much as you expected. Nonetheless, it’s a great service if you want to have a longer and curled lashes that will lasts for 4-6 weeks.

  1. Nail art and extensions (P2,500 – P5,000)

Jess: I’m not a person who is into nail polish, so this is the first time I’ve tried nail art. I didn’t expect that the whole process will take three hours long because of the nail extensions. Surprisingly, the extensions don’t feel like fake nails, I didn’t feel any additional weight on my fingers. Then, a day after acquiring the service, I went to a family vacation where I climbed two mountains. I was so afraid that having nail extensions may cause some difficulties and even injuries, but the adventure went smoothly. I held on strong to rocks and bushes going, swam in Mother Falls, and Sabang beach, and yet the extensions are intact, the beautiful nail art still shines, and my nails are safe. Overall, I will highly recommend this especially, to the ladies who love nail beautification services.

  1. Teeth whitening (P1,500/session)

Angela: For someone who never had any teeth whitening procedure done, I find Ayumi’s procedure to be fast yet effective. The whole procedure lasted for only 30 minutes, starting from the assessment of my current teeth situation to the treatment itself, where a special solution was used along with two 8-minute exposure to a UV lamp. In just one session, the result was visibly lighter front teeth. I can only imagine what five more sessions can do.

You may book your appointment at any of their branches: Victoria Tower Timog Avenue, Quezon City; Vista Mall Taguig; Evia Lifestyle in Daanghari and; BF Homes.


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