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With numerous chart-topping songs under their belts, Maroon 5 is undeniably one of the most in-demand and highly respected pop rock bands in the world. Their music caters to all ages and even blew off the roof of SM Mall Asia Arena during their recently held “Red Pill Blues Tour” concert in Manila on Tuesday, March 5. 

The Arena that has a seating capacity of 15,000 was filled. Fans were belting out the lyrics as they sang along with the band’s hit songs such as “What Lovers Do,” “Maps,” and “Sunday Morning.”

Vocalist Adam Levine showed off his talent and versatility as a seasoned artist by singing all 14 songs without a break during the first part of the concert. Aside from rocking the stage, 39-year-old Levine also played his electric guitar. 

That night, all the members of Maroon 5 Levine, James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael, PJ Morton, Matt Flynn, Sam Farrar, Ryan Dusick, and Mickey Madden shone bright. 

Their lead guitarist Valentine played his electric guitar side by side with Levine on stage, as if they were enjoying a show down. But clearly, their synchronization just showed how these two different individuals know each other so well, with their instruments almost moving as one. 

Drummer Flynn owned his space and kept the energy of the whole arena high. Looking at him from the distance, Flynn seemed like he was existing on his own bubble while still being aware of what was going on around. His every hit was precise, earning a thunderous cheer from the crowd. 

As the night drew to a close, the group finally played their new song “Girls Like You.”

Singing with his eyes closed, Levine and his bandmates made the ladies in the arena feel special and valued. Afterwards, they performed their last three songs: “Lost Star,” “She Will Be Loved,” and they ended the concert with their other hit song “Sugar.” 

Maroon 5 “Red Pill Blues Tour” concert was made possible by Smart Music Live.

(Featured image from MMI Live)


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