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When using a two-wheeled, ride-hailing service, we know the drill: book a ride, put on that helmet and mask, get on the motorcycle, quickly get from point A to point B, get off the motorcycle, pay the driver, and return the helmet.

What if, however, you forgot to do that last step?

One Angkas rider did just that during one of her trips with the service. In a tweet, Isha Dalabajan detailed how she forgot to return the protective gear to the driver.

Nag-Angkas ako [at] naka-earphones,” she said. “Pagbaba, rekta 4th floor na ako ng building.” It seems Dalabajan was headed to a medical appointment because it was her doctor who took notice of the helmet.

Mega takbo ako pabalik,” she added. “Apparently, sinisigawan ako ni kuya nung naglalakad ako papasok ng building.”

Netizens quickly sympathized with the rider, sharing that they, too, had similar experiences.

What Dalabajan and the whole Twitterverse did not see coming, though, was Angkas’ response.

“Sis, Direct Message us,” the service’s official Twitter account wrote. “Bigyan ka namin ng helmet para kahit ‘di mo na tanggalin next time, okay lang.”

A few days later, Dalabajan updated everyone that a helmet indeed arrived at her doorstep. “Siz, salamat nga pala sa pa-helmet,” she tweeted.

The now-viral posts have a combined likes of almost 26,000 and almost 2,000 retweets.

What are your thoughts on this encounter?

Featured Image by Madel Crudo


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