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Despite being busy promoting her film Ulan and her newest collaboration with international brand H&M, Nadine Lustre took a break and visited Greenpeace Philippines’ Rainbow Warrior Ship.

The Kapamilya star visited the boat on Saturday, March 2, for the event called Ship It Back: Plastic Ship Tour, a tour that raises awareness on the negative effects of plastic on the ocean.

“Salamat Nadine Lustre for visiting @gp_warrior! Pagkatapos ng #ULAN, bahaghari,” Greenpeace wrote on Twitter.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Lustre said that she’ll use social media to educate people and encourage her followers to support the campaign.

“I think my biggest contribution is awareness, I know I have a lot of followers and a lot of people check my Instagram, my social media, so I can help spread awareness,” she said.

Her fans also shared photos on Instagram showing their support and expressing their admiration for her efforts.

Nadine Lustre is known for her love for beaches and for being a nature warrior. Just recently, she picked up someone’s trash and asked the person to put them in proper garbage bin.

In her Instagram story last February 3, the actress posted that she was in a roll-on-roll-off (RORO) vessel when she caught someone throwing a piece of garbage.

“On a RORO atm and I caught someone throw paper and plastic wrappers out their vans window. I picked it up, knocked on the door and asked the driver to throw it properly in a trash can. I don’t think I can forgive myself if I just stood still and let the trash go into the ocean,” Nadine wrote.

“We are part of everything. Everything that we do to harm the earth will, eventually, come back to us, maybe not now but in the future. The universe has been so good to us. We are so lucky to have a home that has everything we need. Let’s be grateful and start taking care of it. Please, please, please let’s all work together. We can do this! All we need is a little bit of responsibility and a whole lot of love,” she added.

Good job, Nadine! We support you!


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