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The long-wait is over, netizens! The dark mode feature for Facebook Messenger is now available!

In January 2019, Facebook started to roll out the new simplified version of Messenger (AKA Messenger 4) in the Philippines. Some people are not fond of the update, but others are loving it because of the color gradient feature. According to Facebook, the dark mode is still part of the Messenger 4 update and it is “a re-skinned interface that cuts down on the glare from your phone.”

People are sharing their thoughts on social media and it looks like everyone’s loving the feature.


To activate this feature, all  you need to do is send a crescent moon emoji (🌙) to any of your existing chats and a falling moon animation will show. A popup will appear at the top of the screen stating “You Found Dark Mode!” Tap this to toggle it on and voila, you’re now on dark mode.

The social media giant said that they are rolling out more Messenger 4 features this year. We’re excited to see more!

Header image from Facebook


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