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The long-awaited return of The Phantom of the Opera is finally here in Manila. Initially set to run for a week, it has been extended for two more weeks from February 28 to March 14 due to insistent public demand.

The cast and crew of The Phantom of the Opera closes the first show of their extended run in Manila.

A musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber, the plot—based on the French novel by Gaston Leroux—revolves around Christine Daae, a beautiful soprano, who becomes the obsession of a mysterious and disfigured musical genius living beneath the Paris Opera House.

If you’re still having second thoughts about booking that ticket, here’s why you shouldn’t miss the musical’s current run in Manila.

It’s a musical masterpiece.

There’s a good reason why the play is Broadway’s longest-running show in history. Apart from its plot, it is the music that resonates to audiences around the world. From the scoring, the lyrics, to the demand for serious vocal ability in almost every character, the show fills the theater with dopamine-inducing and hair-raising sound. The orchestra providing musical accompaniment to the characters possess the kind of mastery of the piece that only talent and persistent practice can achieve.

The production design is A+++.

To recreate the beautiful city and theaters of early 20th century Paris in a stage that calls for space maximization can be a daunting challenge. That’s not the case for The Phantom of the Opera, though. From the large chandelier that tragically crashes, the sweeping staircase, the large gilded proscenium arch that frames the show covered with dusty drapery,  as well as the subterranean gondola, the stage establishes a perfect atmosphere for each scene. The costumes, especially the elaborate gowns in the “Masquerade” scene, display an understanding in fusing 1910 couture with contemporary design in clothing.

The cast and crew are genuinely talented.

The ensemble behind the Manila staging of this musical knows their part extremely well. Every line in a song, every note to hit, every stage position to be in, and every emotion to portray is ready for excellent delivery. And deliver they do, especially on the vocals department despite the challenging choreography.

The Phantom of the Opera in Manila is presented to you by PLDT and Smart. Tickets are available via TicketWorld


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