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On-screen partner Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, popularly known as MayWard delights their music fans with fresh new singles. Under Star Pop—Entrata released “Kakayanin Kaya” as Barber dropped “No one Else.”

“Kakayanin Kaya,” is a song that sentimentalized harboring feelings for a person who may like another. While “No One Else” talks about how the singer is hesitant in revealing his feelings as he waits for the perfect time to confess to the only apple of his eye.

 This is Entrata’s first single from her second album, while “No One Else” is Barber’s new single from his first album—both under the production of ABS-CBN Music’s sublabel Star Pop.

“Kakayanin Kaya” music video will be available on Saturday, March 9. Download MayWard’s new songs, in digital stores.


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