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Tamagotchi is the childhood of many ’90s and even early 2000s kids. Many years later, it remains a reminder of a time much simpler than today.

Two years after its official re-release, the iconic digital pet is presenting itself in another form: a heat-sensitive and color-changing mug.

In a now-viral tweet of Tamagotchi Mom, the virtual pet—who first burst into the toy realm back in 1997—looks as if it wakes up and eats when you pour a hot beverage into the mug.

Aptly named “Feed Me Heat Mug,” the officially licensed Tamagotchi product features the classic egg-shaped design, pixelated LCD charm, and the recurring need for TLC via your hot coffee or cocoa.

Netizens quickly took to Twitter to express their nostalgic feelings over the discovery.

The mug is available online for $19.99 or around P1042.56, with free shipping for most countries.

Will you purchase this mug for yourself?


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