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Two months after winning the crown from the prestigious Miss Universe competition on December last year, Catriona Gray is finally home!

The new Miss Universe title holder will stay in the Philippines for a week to celebrate her grand homecoming. She will meet her Filipino fans and visit numerous charities that she’s supporting.

As part of the homecoming activities, the 25-year-old beauty queen held a press conference where she spent some time answering questions from the media. During the said event on Wednesday, February 20, Gray was asked what tips she can give to aspiring beauty queens out there and these are what she shared:

  1. Find your purpose

According to her, it is vital for a beauty queen to know why she’s pursuing this path. This will keep her strong and motivated throughout the journey.

“First advice is to know why you’re doing this. Is it for you to gain new opportunities? Is it a stepping platform to something? Is it for advocacy? You need to find the purpose why you’re doing this,” Gray said. “Because throughout the whole journey, you will need that purpose to hold on to. And that’s what’s gonna carry you through.”

  1. Be true to yourself

After finding purpose, Gray said one should stay true to it to carry out the vision. “Two, keep true to what you want or your vision. This is really important for me while pursuing pageantry and entering to Binibini, and keeping true to my vision,” she shared.

“That meant for me to be really hands on in all aspects- wardrobe, presentation, national costume, everything. I was so blessed to be surrounded by a team that really allowed me to bring my vision to life.”

  1. Stay strong

The beauty queen also mentioned the term “‘mental fortitude,” which she explained as being strong, not just physically but most of all, mentally, so one can handle the pressure along the way.

“Three, have a strong mentally. Mental fortitude is the term that I use. It means, especially for a Filipina or a Filipina beauty queen, who come from one of the biggest social media using nations in the world. You will bombarded on social media, good and bad,” Gray explained.

She also said that social media feedback is just a small part of the challenge. “And that’s just a part of it, a part of the arena that we’re in, but you need to be strong in your mind to know how to filter, or to how not let it affect you, or get you down to the extent that you’re hindering from pursuing your dream,” she ended.


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