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Facebook user Josh Gonzales posted an anecdote about his great-grandmother that quickly became viral a little over a year ago.

Today, the post is making the rounds on social media again for its timeless and relatable lesson on love and relationships: “friend-zoning” someone for their own good.

The story, apart from his great grandmother named Analyn, also involves a rather well-known figure in history and in the dating realm—Jose Rizal.

Known for being romantically-involved with other girls in various parts of the world while engaged to be married in the Philippines, the hero, while still a student in the University of Sto. Tomas, friend-zoned Analyn.

"My Great-Grandma Was Friendzoned By Jose Rizal In College"My great-grandma's journal was found in 1953, all in…

Posted by Josh Gonzales on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

In the viral Facebook post, Gonzales details how the country’s unofficial national hero friend-zoned his great grandmother, straight from a passage of a journal.

“We were there. It was just us. As always it was just us,” the entry begins, describing a hard-to-reach, granite-surfaced roof somewhere in colonial era UST, which needs climbing through a “narrow cedar ladder mounted on the wall.”

Analyn, who obviously is infatuated with the hero, says Rizal doesn’t mind her presence beside him while he read. He even comments on her “burst of emotions” in various instances. Despite the risk of being found out unchaperoned, she continues to come to the said roof to hear him talk.

“But it hurt whenever his voice would utter ‘Leonor Rivera,'” the entry adds, referring to Rizal’s childhood sweetheart and the inspiration behind the character Maria Clara in Noli Me Tangere.

Knowing full well that Rizal is a poet, Analyn decides to give hints by asking, “Should you care what society thinks when you want someone?” to which he coldly replies, “I think you shouldn’t.”

She presses for more answers from the hero, asking if distance is necessary if there’s someone you love.

“I think, Analyn, you have a shallow definition of love,” Rizal tells her, according to the entry. Desperate to express her feelings, she then asks,” What do you think of me?”

Rizal, who Analyn describes as having “an aura of coldness” around him at the time, suddenly grins at her understandingly.

“You’re a lost angel. A lost and sad angel. I know angels like you who wander around everyday seeking for their haven to rest from forever,” he says. “I’m not your haven. I’m not the one who would soothe your tired body from all this waiting. This ain’t your place to settle your wings. It’s somewhere else, I guess.’

Have you ever friend-zoned someone in the same manner as Rizal?

Featured Image by Madel Crudo


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