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Sticking to basic clothing pieces has its perks. You never have a problem with your clothes being too eye-catching like a traffic sign. You can just put on whatever piece, and you’d still look clean cut and put-together.

But basic can be trendy and dynamic, too, just like the new Uniqlo U 2019 Spring/Summer collection. It takes inspiration from the ease and comfort in basic clothing, and takes it up a notch in silhouettes and colors.

Bea Constantino (far left) and Rex Atienza (far right) styles four individuals with pieces from the Uniqlo U 2019 Spring/Summer Collection.

We had the opportunity to learn how to spice up an outfit of wardrobe essentials from fashion stylists Bea Constantino and Rex Atienza during Uniqlo’s Style Talks. Here are four key takeaways.

1. Be mindful of the fit

Always choose what flatters your body. Even a plain white shirt can look good as long as it’s tailor fit to your body. “Clothes should fall on your body in a nice, flattering way,” Constantino says.

However, if a person is of a thinner frame and is in need of more volume, Atienza says it’s totally acceptable to wear loose-fitting clothes.

2. Layer

Constantino and Atienza puts little to no restrictions on layering clothes, whether it’s print-on-print or not. “The right way to layer is by making sure that it still looks clean and streamlined,” Constantino explains. “You still see the upper body and the details of what she’s wearing.”

Layer your clothes according to function, too. “Check the weather. Plan the day ahead, if you can,” she says. “That way you’ll know what outerwear to bring and how much you can layer.”

3. Go for colors

As someone who loves to wear neutrals like black and white himself, Atienza suggests starting with a one splash of color at a time. Wear your neutrals and pair it with a piece in a bold, rich color. “Not every color will look good on everyone though,” he explains. “You have to look at skin undertones, too.”

Warm skin undertones call for warmer colors like mustard, ochre, or salmon, while people with cool skin undertones look better in blues and greens. Those with neutral skin undertones can wear any color. Find out your skin undertones through this quiz.

4. Accessorize

Accessorizing is a no-fail method to spice up an otherwise basic-looking outfit. “I’d add a fanny pack of color,” Atienza says. “Even a baseball cap will complete the look.”

Which styling tip will you try first?

The Uniqlo U 2019 Spring/Summer Collection is now available at select stores nationwide. For more information, visit


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