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The 2017 data from GoDaddy Gig Economy Survey shows that 77 percent of Filipinos have or have had a side business on top of their full-time job. Among these hardworking individuals who juggle different tasks at the same time is 29-year-old former beauty queen and television personality Maggie Wilson-Consunji. 

Apart from hosting the lifestyle show “Beached,” Maggie recently ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and opened Casa Consunji in the last quarter of 2018. Casa Consuji is a cafe and store where people can buy unique home decors while enjoying the rich blend of local coffee. 

“Inspired by travels to different countries, I’ve always wanted a place where people have a nice selection of decor and home goods from other parts of the world that are unique, interesting, and special,” she said. 

Some of the items inside the Casa Consunji.

For a few months, Maggie received orders and inquirers through Casa Consuji’s social media accounts. Later on, she realized the importance of building one platform where customers can inquire and shop at the same time, thus having a website came into mind. “Having a strong and secure online presence is key to help my ventures get discovered and to attract more costumers. I am able to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t know about my business and make it easier for them to buy with my online store.” 

Tip to micro-entrepreneurs

In building her site, Maggie partnered with cloud platform provider GoDaddy. According to her, choosing GoDaddy is a wise investment for her because it is affordable and easy to use. 

“If I hired a team to manage my website, it would probably cost me around P20-30,000 just for the website management. Now with GoDaddy, because it’s so easy to use, you only have to spend P519 a month,” she explained. “The difference is so big, and P519 pesos is really small in the grand scale of things because you can reach a wider market.”

Maggie Wilson-Consunji with the executives from GoDaddy .

As a business woman, Maggie also wants to educate other micro-entrepreneurs like her on the importance of being available online. That’s why aside from choosing GoDaddy to be Casa Consunji’s website provider, she also accepted the role of being its brand ambassador to “share the benefits of creating a strong online presence.”

“Get online because you can saturate the market. If it’s just the physical store, you won’t get a lot of customers coming because you’re limited by space and location,” she said. “At least when you’re online, your customers can shop from other parts of the Philippines or even other parts of the world. So it makes your life easier. You reach a wider market and there’s a better business for your company.”

Casa Consunji is located at Acacia Estates in Taguig City. Maggie also shared that they will be expanding and opening another store soon. “We’re gonna be opening up a second physical store and, of course, a website. So technically, we’re going to have three stores simultaneously,” she ended.

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