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Ever wish you had something else motivating and inspiring you to break the home-to-work, work-to-home monotony? It’s 2019, after all. Time to shake things up for your growth and development.

Enter Telus International University (TIU), Telus International Philippines’ (TIP) learning platform to help team members pursue interests inside and outside work. “The program was basically created to promote work-life balance,” team leaders from TIU say. “This is an avenue for you to shake off the feeling of being burnt out and to learn new things.”

They offer degree courses in linguistics (Japanese, French, Mandarin, to name a few), leadership, and management. There are short courses, too, such as fashion design, photography, performing arts, information technology, and culinary arts.

The coffee barista track is one of TIU’s most popular short courses. It teaches the basics of making a coffee drink, from the beans to artistic presentation.

“It doesn’t really have anything to do with contact center, right?” the team leaders we met from TIU jokes. “But we encourage our team members to learn more about the things that they are passionate about.”

The number of classes depend on the course, but they go as low as four to as high as 23. They last for about three hours a week. “We customize the schedule of the classes kasi we respect the personal time and the availability of our team members,” the team leaders explain. The classes are held on site, too, for convenience.

The company, which is 14,000 members strong, offers subsidized tuition, special discounts, and flexible payment terms for participants. Shuttle services for select campus classes, guidance counselling and exclusive access to TIP libraries are made available as well. Even family members and friends can join the programs.

On what’s next for TIU, the team leaders tell us that they are currently looking into new courses they could add in the current roster.

“We do not decide the courses that we offer in the program. It’s actually the team members,” they tell us. “Every year, we release a survey and ask the members, ‘What are the courses that you’d like to be added the following year?'”

They are also looking at the possibility of offering online courses, as it is can be more convenient for interested team members.

“We put a premium value on work-life integration at TIP,” says Frederick Estacio, TIP Manager for Learning and Development. “The caring culture that we foster and cultivate helps us become better in what we do and an important part of that is creating a work environment that is conducive to continuous learning.”


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