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One thing I get asked a lot by my clients, viewers and fans is, “Rob, what can I do to attract prosperity into my life?” Many of the people out there assume that there is some over all secret prayer/method/magic phrase that is being kept from the world that only a select lucky few know.  But to make this a bit more interactive I’m going to narrow this down into 2 basic principles as to give you a good starting point to brining prosperity into your life this 2019


To be totally honest there is none and manifesting prosperity starts with one thing which is essential to anything. 

Your MINDSET is how you perceive your present circumstances in this world. And the act of simply changing one’s mindset can be the difference between seeing opportunities in this world that will bring further prosperity, or challenges that prevent one from getting the prosperity that they desire. At the end of the day it all being and ends with this.

When you come across as someone who see the POTENTIAL in every day that you enter. You will always see the opportunities lie ahead. However if you’re someone who thinks that the world is out to get you and that you’re meant to fall (Which I used to feel like in the past) Then guess what? You will manifest that within your life!!! You see when it comes to manifestation; you have one person that you are totally defenseless against. And that is yourself. If when you wake up in the morning you are saying to yourself how horrible life is to you then guess what? IT will be. But if you begin each day with the mindset that you will make the most of that day and attract new forms of prosperity into your life then you will also have the same affect upon yourself.

Appreciation > Expectation

A wonderful movie called “Happy Thank You More Please” said that Gratitude is the secret to all manifestation in this world. If you practice gratitude in your everyday life the more blessings will come your way. By saying THANK YOU to the universe the universe will respond by giving your MORE blessings, MORE Support and even MORE prosperity. Got only 1 client this week?? Then APPRECIATE!! Say THANK YOU universe for this client!! And watch, as the universe will give you even more in the days to come.  Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate even the SMALL THINGS and see how they grow.

Therefore it’s important to keep in mind that Manifestation will always start and end with YOU!  You have the ability to manifest Prosperity, love and success in all that you do. But always remember when you pray for rain you should bring an umbrella!!!

Robert Rubin is the Author of The intuitive within and is  founder of Mysterium Philippines and is the leading Tarot Authority in the country with over 23 years of experience. . He has personally trained hundreds of people from all around the world in the topics of Intuition, Tarot and even manifestation at the Mysterium learning center in Quezon City.  He is married had 2 lovely children a Daschund named Isis and 3 Lovely cats (Ajna, Puff and Luminara) You may learn more about Rob at or or tune into his weekly show Mysterium After Dark on V81. Radio every Monday Night at 7:30pm Philippine time. For Appointments and consultations you may text 0916-551-1824 or email


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