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In a country filled with talented musicians, to carve a name in the music industry is a tough challenge every aspiring artist needs to face. It will take some time before people take notice of your works, so it requires not just passion and talent, but hardwork, patience, and perseverance.

But for Pinoy indie band Ben&Ben, everything happened so fast. Known for their hit songs “Maybe the Night” and “Leaves,” Ben&Ben was formally formed as a group in late 2016. Composed of nine talented individuals namely: Paolo and Miguel Guico (twins), Poch Barretto, Jam Villanueva, Agness Reoma, Patricia Lasaten, Keifer Cabugao, Andrew de Pano, and Toni Muñoz, they are now one of the fastest rising indie groups in the Philippines.

In fact, Spotify’s 2018 year end report named them as one of the “Most Streamed Groups” in the country along with other international groups such as LANY and Maroon 5.

The members of Ben&Ben enjoying their favorite Yellow Cab Pizza.

“We’re very honored and we’re very grateful. Sometimes napaka-surreal pa rin nung feeling na naririnig mo yung songs, like yung mga nagamit sa movies,” said Miguel Guico in our interview with them during the So Worth It! The Yellow Cab Pizza Tour, where Ben&Ben is one of the chosen bands that kicked-off the event. “Sobrang nakakakilig. I don’t think we’ll ever get used to the feeling of being overwhelmed by those things.”

Their song “Maybe the Night” was the official soundtrack of Exes Baggage, while “Susi” in Goyo: Ang Batang General. “Never naming inexpect na it would ever hit. We’re just writing all of the songs dahil gusto lang talaga naming magsulat at tumugtog,” Paolo shared.

On creating music

With nine talented and brilliant heads in the group, how does Ben&Ben harmoniously work with each other to write a song that people can resonate to? Surprisingly, each of them find it an edge rather than a challenge.

“I think, it’s understandable that at first, one can imagine kung gaano kagulo kasi ang dami namin. Hindi rin namin alam kung bakit, pero for some reasons, hindi namin nahahanap na magulo. Sobrang smooth ng creation,” Miguel told MB Life.

Miguel Guico

On the other hand, Paolo admitted that it’s not a smooth road all the time. “Ganun talaga kapat nagke-create kami. Parang flowing process. Pero syempre hindi naman palaging okay. Pero kahit hindi okay, nage-gets kung bakit at kung bakit may better idea,” he said. “We learned to love what each other love. We learned to respect each other. Until we come up with the best song that we can create.”

Overcoming the pressure

As a chart-topping band, Ben&Ben openly confessed that there was a time that they felt the pressure of creating songs that will always hit the charts. This alarming thought opened their eyes, called their attention, and made them decide to go to a group retreat to realign their perspectives as independent musicians.

Paolo Guico

In 2018, realistically sa dami ng nangyayari, nagkaroon ng ganung pressure to somehow follow through. We went to a retreat as a band, and then we just let go of everything,” Paolo shared with MB Life.

“I think with all of that we discovered that the essence, yung puno’t dulo ng music at ng mga kanta, ay para ilabas mo yung gusto mong sabihin, yung nararamdaman mo, at yung gusto mong iwanan at ibahagi sa mundo. Both sa mga salita at sa mga tunog,” he ended.

With a new year ahead of them, Ben&Ben promises to give their fans new music, opening their doors for possible collaborations with other artists, and hoping to fulfil their dreams of working with their OPM idols Gary V and Jose Mari Chan.

(Featured image from @BenAndBenMusic)


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