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You, the popular Netflix series based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel, has gained a lot of viewers after its release last December. It follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a mysterious long-time manager at a boutique bookstore called Mooney’s. There he meets the girl of his dreams, aspiring writer Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Everything looks perfect–except the fact that Goldberg is an obsessive and creepy stalker.

A lot of people on Twitter are expressing their support for the actors and the series, but some fans have been overlooking the fact that Badgley’s character is a psychopath.

Luckily, Badgley is here to remind all of us that Joe Goldberg is a murderer and we need to stop liking him.

When a fan tweeted him “kidnap me pls,” Badgley simply replied: “No thx.”

Another Twitter user expressed their thoughts about Badgley’s character in Gossip Girl and You, saying, “Okay but @PennBadgley was sexy as Dan but lord Joe is a whole new level.” The actor just retweeted it with the response, “…of problems, right?”

When a netizen asked what is it about Badgley’s character that’s breaking her heart, he just answered: “A: He is a murderer.”

The Gossip Girl actor even agreed with a fan that it’s actually frightening that people are loving Joe. He wrote, “Ditto. It will be all the motivation I need for series 2.”

On the other hand, Badgley has commended Kepnes and the show creators “for knowing how to toe this line with grace.”

The series premiered on Lifetime channel in September before being picked up by Netflix. The stars of the series, Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell (as Peach Salinger) will visit the Philippines for a special fan event on January 15 at Greenbelt 5.

You is now available on Netflix.


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