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For a nation of big sports fans, it seems like public support for local designs to be used in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games is not quite there.

When the official logo for the sporting event was introduced late last year, netizens wasted no time in spoofing—and criticizing—the design. The infamous circle logo, as well as the Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC), drew even more flak for pushing through with the design. This despite calls for a new logo and submissions of alternatives.

Once again, the committee is in hot waters with the reveal of the official mascot.

Pami, as described in the post, is a “smiling sponge, ball-type figure.” The name is a shortened term for the Filipino word pamilya or family.

Netizens quickly unleashed their humor on Twitter.

The eternal queen making her presence felt. 

Ooops, no offense meant. 

Rainbow King might’ve found his long-lost brother. 

We’re not sure if it’s a glow up or the other way around, though.

Pamilya nga raw. 

Annalise’s facial expression says it all. 

We were not aware that this type of eye drop exists.

Water could do the job for others. 

Would the housemates eliminate Pami if it was in PBB? 

We’ll keep you posted. 

Jokes aside, others were more straightforward in expressing their disappointment over the design.

That’s quite the translation.

Adobe to the rescue. 

This tweet is #SorryNotSorry. 

What are your thoughts on Pami?

Featured Image by Madel Crudo


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