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Are you planning to visit Japan this year? You might want to prepare additional travel budget for the departure tax.

Starting January 7, travelers are required to pay 1,000 yen (roughly P486 as of January 4) when they leave Japan by airplane or ship. According to Japan Times, the new tax is designed “to build necessary infrastructure and improve services to accommodate an expected increase in visitor numbers to Japan leading up to and beyond the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.”

The departure tax passed through Japan’s bicameral legislature or the National Diet in April 2018. It will also be used to set up facial recognition gates at airports, multilingual information boards, and cashless payment terminals for public transport.

Tickets purchased and issued before January 7, transit passengers leaving Japan within 24 hours of arrival, and children under the two years old will be exempted from the departure tax.

Visit Japan National Tourism Organization’s website for more information.

Photo from Japan National Tourism Organization


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