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The New Year is all about fresh beginnings. It’s always better to welcome it on a high note with celebrations such as intimate and food-filled family dinners, or a neighborhood noise fest with your trustee kitchen tools.

A hotel in Pasay City had festive plans to welcome 2019, too, but cancelled their supposed record-breaking New Year’s Eve balloon dropping event upon the recommendation of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

It initially drew flak from netizens and several environmental groups, who said that balloons, even when recycled, are still single-use plastic that will take years to break down. Instead of balloons, however, here’s everything you (and all of us, really) should drop starting this New Year.


Don’t put off an errand that you can accomplish now. Clean up that desk. Wash those dishes. Here’s a helpful tip: If a chore takes two minutes or less of your 24 hours, then do it now. This two-minute rule is proven effective to beat not just procrastination, but also laziness.

Excessive junk food

Chips and fried chicken are delicious, for sure, but the truth is, they’re not meant to be consumed every single day. You have to eat your veggies and fruits, too. While your binge-eating this holiday is totally forgivable, it’s time to get back on track. Swap those barbecue chips for sweet potato fries. Grill that chicken, instead of frying it.


Letting go of cigarettes, alcohol, or gambling is easier said than done, we know. We promise you, though, letting go of all your vices–or at least minimizing them–will make you feel so much better.


The previous year is not your best, you say? Well, you made it to 2019 so that means you have another chance to slay at life. Just remember this: The only way you’ll thrive is to stop listening to the voices that tell you that you’re not good enough and that you will never be. Start believing in your capabilities because no one can do that for you.

Toxic relationships

It’s 2019 already and it’s about time for the people who let you down again and again to go. They don’t deserve your time and energy. Same goes for your backstabber and user friends.

What are you dropping from your life this year?

Illustrations by Madel Crudo


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