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The first day of the year always seems to be the most arbitrary date to turn over a new leaf — and why wouldn’t it be? Like Mondays, people tend to treat it as the perfect opportunity to redo things with little to no muss nor fuss.

Young people have always challenged this notion. In fact, an article by MarketWatch reports that CIT Bank’s 2018 Holiday Survey says that millennials [and Gen Zs] are prioritizing financial stability and “manageable saving goals by 2019.” This, in part of living by the self-care movement, means we’re constantly trying to improve ourselves no matter what time of year.

This leaves the tradition of setting goals different for the youth, so we thought we’d ask some for their thoughts and plans about the annual custom:

How do you think resolutions have helped your life?

It [sic] made me happier. — Kristelle, 23

I think resolutions help you define how you want to live your life for the next 12 months. It forces you to look forward and have something to be hopeful about. Regardless if you followed through with your list, just getting that sense of hope at the beginning of the year is enough sometimes. — Mica, 22

I think it has helped me think about being more realistic and specific when setting goals, and to really think about the WHY. I’ve also realized the importance of trying and then failing. Even if you fail, you’re still in a better place than when you started, and you also know a little bit more about yourself. — Josh, 22

Put an outlook on what I really want my year to be. Also a great way of self-realizing what I need to change. — Frances, 23

Do you think New Year’s resolutions are still effective?

Yes. For me, they work kasi they serve as my guide for the improvement of my life.Kristelle, 23

Most people pose unrealistic expectations on their NY resolutions. This is probably one of the reasons why so many people could not finish them all. I believe resolutions should be revisited or updated all the time (quarterly, perhaps) and not just made at the beginning of the year. We should always set aside time for when we re-evaluate what we actually want in life. Not just New Year’s 🙂 — Mica, 22

Yes, but only if one sets the right resolutions. I think it’s more effective if we started thinking in terms of the process, or doing small actions consistently (exercising daily, for example) instead of obsessing over goals (getting a beach bod this summer), which can intimidate us and cause us to give up after January. — Josh, 22

It’s as effective as you make it so. It’s still a great way to point to yourself what you need to change.Frances, 23

Will you set new resolutions for the coming year?

Yes. I’ll try to lessen my trust issues. — Kristelle, 22

I would probably do. Given the changes happening in my life lately, I think it’s time for some re-evaluation. — Mica, 22

Yes. — Josh, 22

Yep! — Frances, 23

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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