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For bookworms, the New Year means new books.

Whether you succeeded in narrowing down your reading list this 2018 or looking to add more in the coming year regardless of your progress, one thing’s for sure: you’re off to a #blessed start to 2019.

Fully Booked is about to sell their version of Japanese lucky bags.

Posted by Fully Booked on Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Called fukubukuro, the New Year custom is where retail stores create grab bags filled with random items at insanely discounted prices. The concept started at the Ginza Matsuya Department Store in the early 20th century. Other stores soon followed to easily unload excess items from the previous year and start anew clean.

The Fully Booked lucky bags are priced at P2,019, which will include books and merchandise worth over P4,000.

#FukubukuroSneakPeek Incredibly lucky bookworms will find Fully Booked reloadable gift cards worth Php500 or Php1000 in…

Posted by Fully Booked on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Some bags also include reloadable gift cards worth P500 or P1,000, or a Haruki Murakami-themed discount card. It will be exclusively available in all Metro Manila stores on January 1 for Fully Booked Discount Card holders and to the public on January 2-3.

Care to test your luck this New Year?


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