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Yass, queen! I’m pretty sure you’re ecstatic about it. There’s always that triumphant feeling for you when you reach the end of the year and it’s your season. There’s also that icy cold breeze that comes with the winter season (even though it doesn’t exist in the Philippines), that makes you feel nostalgic, majestic, and overzealous with your accomplishments for each year. You probably also won the best gifter this Christmas with your family and friends that makes you feel really proud of yourself. You worked so hard all year long. Looking back you never thought you’d make it, but girl, you’re here!

Ending a year and starting a new one with Capricorn is nothing but the best. This sign is the most hardworking sign there is in the zodiac, they live to learn from mistakes and become successful. Who wouldn’t be inspired with that? And probably Capricorn, you’re already planning your moves for next year, however, take the last few days of this year to reflect and show your gratitude for what you have experienced and learned. Start 2019 with a new vision and polish your plans.

2018 has been a rollercoaster ride for all signs, especially because of that Mercury retrograde we just don’t stan. We said goodbye to her last December 6 and we started this new season with ample time to heal. Take this time to reflect on the things that have happened this year, forgive the wrongs, learn from the mistakes and head on to the new year. Capricorn season is always the perfect timing for those New Year’s resolution, and if you actually start it, the energy of this season will give you the boost you need to push through and do good with it.

For Leo and Aquarius, Capricorn season is the time you should embrace being in touch with your spirit. Meditation and solitude are two of the most meaningful things you will have to do this season. Take time to reflect and quiet your mind. You are both going to be in a creative flow, so let it take you.

Libra, you will become more nostalgic than ever this season. It’s a good sign. You will remind yourself of the most important aspect of your life, perhaps family or friends. But definitely, people in your life. This is the best time to work from home. It will connect you closer to yourself.

Aries, you are in a very crucial time in your life. Accomplish something very important to you this season and you will achieve success.

Taurus, listen to yourself when it says you want something new. Expand your horizon. You are safe. Exit your comfort zone.

Gemini, listen to your intuition. You will be told what you need in order to surpass this financial issue. And given this, you will also have nothing to worry about romance, because your inner self will be reminding you of thoughts on emotional and spiritual connections with the right people. Same goes for you Cancer, romance is in your element right now. Personal connections will be presented to you. You will be given a chance to open yourself to deeper connections with relationship.

Virgo, go ahead, embrace the feeling of being a kid again. Your childish wonders awaits you and your partner, family and friends will enjoy seeing this side of you. Pisces, it’s time to get out of your shell and make new friends. Explore society and have fun.

Scorpio, it’s time to clean your social life. Repair the old and bring in some new people in your life. Try to communicate better this time.

Sagittarius, you will have to check your seriousness in life. Know what you really want. Envision that life you actually want to live. Turn to practical ways and welcome your capability to a stable life.

Illustration by Madel Crudo 


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