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It’s that time of the year where people are starting to list down their New Year’s resolutions, career plans, and of course, travel goals. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, Pinterest has tracked down 2019’s top travel trends to help you plan your vacation.

Ready your vacay essentials because here are the top travel trends of 2019 according to Pinterest.

Bus Travel 

Whether it’s an out of town or outside the country trip, everyone’s starting to love bus travel this year. You may prefer riding trains or taxis, but city-hopping via bus is always a great experience. (Searches for bus travel are up by 32%)

Hot Springs 

“Hot springs have sprung!” Although Philippines’ is a tropical country, Pinoys still love hot springs. Whether it’s an onsen in Japan or a hot spring near Metro Manila, people are finding restoration and relaxation in these places. (Searches for hot springs are up 32%)

Abandoned Castles

Planning to skip the beach this coming summer? Go for it and try to travel back in time by visiting some of the most beautiful abandoned castles. (Searches for abandoned castles are up by 142%) |

Less-traveled Islands

Boracay is back in business, but if you want to check out less-traveled islands in the Philippines and abroad, 2019 is the best time to visit. (Searches for less traveled islands are up by 179%)

Bike Tours

Have you tried touring a city while riding a bike? According to Pinterest, both enthusiasts and casual peddlers are now trying bike tours. (Searches for bike tours +64%)

Surprise Destination 

Millennials are known to be spontaneous. That’s why it’s no surprise that surprise destination is one of the top travel trends in 2019.  TBH, we’re big fans of surprise trips. (Searches for surprise destination are up by 192%)

Small Town Travel

Just like surprise destination, some people want to try something new this 2018. Ditch your favorite cities in 2019 because many people are seeking out small towns for their low-key R&R. (Searches for small town travel are up by 276% )

Zero Waste Travel

If you’re already using metal straws and other products that promote zero waste lifestyle this year, you must also try the “zero waste travel” in 2019. Try sustainable packing and a well-researched hotel choice. (Searches for zero waste travel are up by 74%)


Living in a tropical country is one of the reasons why Pinoys love visiting countries during autumn. It’s a great season for traveling and it’s IG-worthy. (Searches for autumn scenery are up by 94%)

Rio de Janeiro

The Summer Olympics may be over, but a lot people are still interested in traveling to Rio. I mean, who wouldn’t want to experience its pristine beaches and amazing carnaval season, right? (Searches for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are up by 142%)

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