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While netizens expressed seething anger over a student bullying and physically hurting a fellow student inside a restroom, others noted that the victim should have defended himself. This is considering that, in the now-viral video, the bully was smaller in size and stature.

But how should a person deal with someone who’s threatening, shaming, hurting, manipulating, lying, or exercising power over you?

There are two ways to respond, according to Dunchan Riach Ph.D. on an article in Medium: don’t engage with the bullying or fight back.

The first is a preventive measure. “Don’t give them any attention and walk away,” the clinical psychologist wrote. “Often children who are being bullied at home will bully other children at school.”

He said that this causes a “profound sense of disempowerment” which “is what drives their behavior.” Because they feel powerless and in pain, they resort to using force on others to feel otherwise.

“Try not to respond to bullying by becoming a bully yourself,” Riach added.
“Remember to say internally, ‘What you think of me is none of my business.'”

Another option is to fight back. “Strike them hard, either metaphorically or literally,” he wrote.

When is it time to fight back, you ask? It’s when your safety and well-being is in jeopardy. Don’t be afraid to throw one solid strike at your bully, which Riach said, is enough to drive him/her away. “At the very least, they will think twice about messing with you again,” he added.

Just make sure to keep yourself in check, so as not to violate any existing law inside or outside the campus.

How did you deal with your bullies?

Featured Image by Madel Crudo


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