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A popular saying on gifting goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” True enough, whether simple or lavish, a well thought out present in this season of giving will always be much-appreciated.

Since 2018 is coming to a close, might as well skip the holiday-themed treats and gift a friend or a family member with items that can help them achieve their best self in the coming year.

If you don’t mind splurging, here’s what you could give to a loved one for 2019 to be their best year ever.

Smart Phone

The Oppo R17 Pro is powered with the all-new Ultra Night Mode, allowing high image quality under low-light conditions.

A brand new phone can kick start a year with a bang. Not only will it be useful for school or office, it can also be used to document all of your friend’s experiences and adventures this 2019.

Workout Clothes

This piece called Don’t Rest is from Adidas’ limited edition Statement collection, which aims to support women through every workout.

The new year means it’s time to resume the Balik-Alindog program. Gift a friend with a set of workout clothes. It’s not much but it can serve as a constant reminder to be more active this 2019. Here’s to hoping their effort will finally yield the results they’ve always wanted.


Merrell’s Range is an everyday shoe perfect for discovering every nook of the city. It has an air cushion fro maximum comfort to the feet.

Whether your friend is exploring the city or easy hike trails, a shoe that he/she can wear for any plan is a god send. Push a friend to put him or herself out there with a comfortable footwear. Just make sure to get their shoe size right.


Pacsafe’s Citysafe CX Convertible Backpack can be collapsed into a long-strap bag, combining style and functionality in one anti-theft item.

No matter how careful commuters and backpackers may be, they are still vulnerable to thieves. Protect your brother or sister with an anti-theft bag. These bags are “easy to lock but hard to get into,” perfect for a peaceful travel to school, work, or dream vacation.


The Fitbit Charge 3 is the latest addition to the brand’s smart watches. It’s swim-proof and features a large touchscreen display, plus all the functions that the gadget is known for.

Buying a Fitbit could be quite an investment, but it’s worth it. Now more than ever do we need to monitor our heart rate, exercise, and sleep, and handy gadgets like this can make the work easier.

Images by Madel Crudo


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