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This season of giving means it’s time for you to wrap tons of gifts for your friends and family. You start through cutting colorful gift wrappers and clear tape with your trustee scissors, and pretending that paper is a free forming coat for any type of gift.

But what if you could just fold and tie knots to make gift-wrapping easier?

Enter furoshiki, a traditional square cloth that the Japanese use to wrap things. It was first used in public bath houses back in the day to prevent the mix-up of clothes and essentials. Merchants later used it to transport and protect their goods.

Today, it’s a popular means of wrapping gifts in Japan and other parts of the world. Here’s why you should give furoshiki a try.

It’s easy.

Wrapping an item with a furoshiki is far from complicated. It only takes some folding and knotting to go from preparing one gift to another. You can wrap any gift that you have, regardless of its shape. Otsukai Tsutsumi or a basic carry wrap is one of the easiest ways to go about it. It only involves four folds and two knots in total.

It’s eco-friendly.

More furoshiki means less waste. Using a cloth as a wrapper is a more sustainable option than those made of paper and plastic. The receivers of your gift will also be able to use it again, as it’s washable and versatile.

It’s simple yet elegant. 

Nothing screams classy and sophisticated more than a furoshiki. It’s stunning when you lay it flat on the ground and even more when you’ve finally wrapped your gifts. There are tons of print to choose from, too, from flowers, trees, polka dots, among others.

Will you wrap your gifts with a furoshiki?

Watch and learn here:


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