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There are a lot of films and TV shows about our Philippine heroes like Antonio Luna, Gregorio del Pilar, Andres Bonifacio, and Jose Rizal. Yup, these movies and series help us get educated about the history, but it would have been better if there’s enough representation about Filipino revolutionary heroines aside from Gabriela Silang and Melchora Aquino. This is what the creators of this new online RPG game is trying to achieve.

Mamayani is a role-playing game that features the Philippine heroines during the American and Japanese occupations. The creators, Meam Genovaña and Crown Patalinghog, described Mamayani on their Facebook page as “a project made to bring the heroines to the spotlight of history education along with the heroes we know.”

According to its website, the game is based “on a constructivist approach to learning gendered history in textbooks proposed by Jane Turner (1998).” Through this game, the creators aim to help students, especially young girls, learn about Philippine heroines by experiencing it through an immersive platform.

The game features four main characters: Concepcion Felix, human rights activist and founder Asociación Feminista Filipina; Salud Algabre, leader of the revolutionary group Sakdal; Remedios Gomez-Paraiso (AKA Komander Liway), military leader of Hukbong Laban sa Hapon (Hukbalahap); and Lydia Gellidon, a 14-year-old who assisted the guerilla movement.

You can play the game by creating and controlling the main character. It’s like talking with the heroines who fought for our country. And just like other games, the choices you make will affect the ending.

Mamayani is available online and and downloadable on Windows.

Screengrabs from Mamayani


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