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Just like summer which comes and goes so fast, time spent with the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) was definitely not enough for both the crowd at the Mall of Asia Arena on Saturday night (March 12, 2016) and the fans getting updates on social media from their homes.

Visiting the Philippines for their Sounds Live Feels Live tour in conjunction with their Sounds Good Feels Good album promotion, the Australian pop rock band – composed of Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin – flew into the country on Friday (March 11, 2016).

For those having the much-vaunted “Post Concert Depression,” here’s a roundup of SOME (because we know you still have more) of the reasons why Filipinos loved and loved them even more after the Manila leg of their tour:

1. Sounds Live made us feel alive

Their arrival and decision to include the Philippines was already enough for the fan girls and fan boys’ hearts to skip a beat, but seeing the boys perform in the flesh was like sending a jolt of electricity that revived their hearts.

(Photo courtesy of SMART)
(Photo courtesy of SMART)

So when they asked the crowd: “Do you want to feel good?,” we can’t help but feel like we wanted to pat them on the back while saying “Your existence is enough” while happy tears fall down our faces.

We wonder where they’re hiding their voodoo dolls ‘cos we can’t control ourselves. (Bet you sang that part!)

2. Best songs for the “best crowd”


The group’s repertoire for the evening included hit songs Hey Everybody, Money, Disconnected, Don’t Stop, Heartache on the Big Screen, Waste the Night, Castaway, Jet Black Heart, Amnesia, Beside You, Vapor,  End Up Here, Voodoo Doll, Good Girls, Permanent Vacation, What I Like About You, She’s Kinda Hot and She Looks So Perfect.

That’s the set list. You’re welcome.

3. So much love for Manila

5SOS held their concert at the same date when Ed Sheeran serenaded the Filipino fans in the same arena. And may it be coincidence or just pure truth; 5SOS had the same remark as our favorite ginger-haired guy: It’s the best show/crowd they’ve ever been to!

"This may be my favorite show" – @Luke5SOS 💙💙💙

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Here are some of the quotable quotes they said during the concert:

Luke: “This may be my favorite show!”

Calum: “You guys are one of the best crowds we’ve played.”

Michael: “This is the best night of my life!”

Ashton: “We’ve waited for five years to come here.”

4. Vanilla in Manila

Making us all giddy inside is their special song dedicated to the Philippines. The short song, which has lyrics that are the same as its title, was already enough to make everyone go crazy and jump for joy while singing along. We’re not sure whose idea it was but we still equally love them just the same.

Watch a snippet of Vanilla in Manila here:

5. Magical and patriotic at the same time

One of the magical sights at the sold-out Sounds Live Feels Live concert was when the boys asked the audience to raise their hands and light up their phones as they sang Amnesia. It might sound like an ordinary concert tradition but the fans didn’t just light up their phones. They lit up their screens in colors of the Philippine flag. People from the topmost area lit yellow, those in the upper box bared blue, while fans at the lower box went red.


Truly a wonderful way to make them remember the Philippines.

6. Age doesn’t matter

Composed mostly of teens and ladies in their early 20s, a handful of guys were also spotted in the audience. Breaking age gap barriers, everyone sang along together, cheered on 5SOS together, and became buddies with each another. We’ve made a few new friends ourselves.

Messages printed out saying "Thank you. We love you" were given away to the concert-goers. It's a fan project!
Messages printed out saying “Thank you. We love you” were given away to the concert-goers. It’s a fan project!

The fandom is always open.

7. Adorable boys just as they are

We all know how adorable they are as a band but seeing them in person is a whole different story. After singing the encore songs, they huddled for a hug before falling to the stage floor together.

Cuddle time!
Can we join in?
And they tripped.
And they tripped.

That didn’t become a blunder for them, though. It encouraged fans to cheer for them louder as they all bid their goodbyes.

8. Their 20-seconder videos and shout-outs

Leaving the country means less attention for us as they continue their band duties (We hope not). We’ll definitely miss their Manila shout-outs and updates posted in their personal Twitter pages. It’s cute that they also apologized to fans who failed to see their arrival at the airport.

They love us. Yes? Yes.

(Photo courtesy of SMART)
(Photo courtesy of SMART)

Some might say that fans are crazy or are already over the top, but the thing is: There are things you’ll never understand until it happens to you.

‘Til we meet again, 5 Seconds of Summer!

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