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Christmas season is one of the most awaited celebrations of the year, especially for us Filipinos. We have numerous parties and family gatherings to attend where mouth-watering food choices are being served. Thus, gaining weight once the Yuletide season starts is somewhat inevitable and becomes a concern for most of us.

In the special preview party of Toby’s Sports flagship store in BGC, MB Life had an opportunity to talk with Bubbles Paraiso. During the interview, the sports enthusiast actress generously shares some tips on how one can maintain their sexy figure this feasting season.

1.Have incidental workouts

Scottsdale weight loss center defines incidental workouts as “small form of movement that accumulates throughout the day, resulting in an increased level of daily activity.” It means that this type of movement doesn’t happen inside the gym, but highly depends on our every day personal choices.

Some examples of incidental workouts are: taking the stairs instead of elevators or escalators, standing more often at work, and walking your pet dog around. Studies also show that by standing while working on office desk alone, one can already burn up to 120 calories. Sounds good?

2. Walk to work

Bubbles also say that it’s one of her practices to park her car a few blocks or meters away from her work destination, to have some time to walk and burn calories.

“What I do is I walk a lot. If I can, I leave my car and I walk. So just walking alone, you just have to give time,” the 30-year-old actress explains. “Especially nowadays it’s breezy so your not gonna be sweating. Also, given the traffic, it’s quicker to walk than taking a car when you go to places.”

3. Mall walking

If you’re not a sporty type of a person but you love to shop, you can now use this as an excuse to burn unwanted fats. Malls have controlled the temperature so you don’t have to worry about the sudden change of weather. It also offers security and safety with its well-lit infrastructure and security guards that roam around. ( )

“Just walk around so you can burn the extra calories that you’d been eating. Guys, you have to earn it and burn it,” she ends.


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