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By now, we’ve all accepted the truth. We love milk tea to death. It’s come to a point where we line up for hours and spend a fortune on multiple cups of this sweet, creamy, and cold tea drink.

But for all you who’d like to save up but do not want to let go of this obsession, here’s a new find for you: Kowloon House’s one-liter milk tea.

In a now-viral post of Marvz Aquino is a picture of a gigantic cup of iced milk tea with pearls at the bottom, sharing that he bought it in the store for only P75. His verdict was, in his own tweet, “shereep.”

It quickly picked up attention online (what with that size for the price) and other netizens began retweeting or replying their one-liter milk tea finds.

Others tried it out for themselves, including Pauline Santos Barcela, whose post about the gigantic drink has also made the rounds online.

Sharing this 1L of Milktea for only 75 php 💞Parang Pearl na nilagyan mg Milktea uwu.Flavors/Price:Pearl Milktea -…

Posted by Pauline Santos Barcela on Sunday, December 2, 2018

In her post, she shared all the flavors and prices: Pearl Milk Tea, P75; Thai Milk Tea, P85; Taro Milk Tea, P90; and Matcha Milk Tea, P90.

Whiel we don’t know yet the branches that serve these goodies, we do know that both Aquino and Barcela bought their milk tea at the store’s Pedro Gil branch.

Have you checked out a Kowloon House near you to try this out?

Featured image from Pauline Barcela 


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