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Regardless of where you are in life, moving is one of the most nerve-wracking things ever. There are a lot of tedious work that could possibly affect your job, personal ties, and overall quality of life. The number of things to be accomplished can get pretty overwhelming, so we broke down four of the most important factors to think about before signing a lease:

The Budget

It’s easy to want to spend more than you can afford when apartment hunting. Some may have amazing windows, great space, or just a ton of natural light, but you’ll always want to stick to your budget. Always. If not, lay down all the points at play here. If you get a place more than your ceiling price, you’ll have to cut back on some expenses. Can you afford to pay more for a place without going short on groceries? Allowance? Savings?

If a place is too affordable for its quality, however, you might want to check on the competition. Check the neighborhood, maybe ask about some history, because that could be a red flag right there.

The Commute

For some, the primary reason for getting a place is for better work-life balance. If a rental is near your workplace and you can swing the costs, great! This is rare though. The idea would be to find a place at least a jeep or a trike away from your office, because the rates outside business districts are more reasonable.

The Landlord

Finding a good landlord could either be a dream or a nightmare. An ideal lessor would be someone with upright business ethics who also rightfully respects your confines. If there’s anyone you can ask about your possible property-owner, don’t hesitate to do a bit of survey.

The Place

Never cross out apartment searching on foot! Sure, it is easier to look at photos and prices online, but you always have to do an in-person examination. Look for possible water damage, problems with electricity, and even the placement of outlets. All of these are important. If an apartment has issues that even the lessor cannot explain (this happens a lot, really), you might want to double check your options.

Header image courtesy of Millennial Magazine


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