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If you’ve been seeing virtual avatars online, it’s because people are thoroughly enjoying themselves in Zepeto. From the same creators of popular photography app SNOW, Zepeto is currently the number one social networking app in the iOS App Store. At least one million users are active at the moment and the numbers are growing.

Curious to see what this new social network craze is? Here’s what you can expect once you download the app.

It’s avatar-based. 

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you will not be confined to a profile picture at Zepeto. You can create a virtual avatar in your likeness. You can also customize your own outfits, hair styles, and even a virtual home. Create greetings, too, which can be communicated through a combination of text, and a gesture or dance move. You can totally say, “Hi!” while dabbing. No one’s going to judge you.

It has a facial recognition tool

The difference of Zepeto from its avatar-making predecessors is that it makes use of a facial recognition tool that is compatible with iOS. This will automatically render your face into a virtual 3D avatar.

You can follow your actual friends

Zepeto, however, is more than just your avatar-maker. That’s so 2000, you know? You can also follow your actual friends, which is possible through sharing your six-digit personal code. When you follow someone through the app, it means you can see their avatars and virtual homes, as well as message them.

You can interact with other avatars

There’s a virtual place called Zepeto Town Street in the app. This virtual town square is like a chatroom where users can meet other users. Random avatars just walk by and make eye contact with you. If a particular avatar seems interesting to you, you can tap on them, see their greeting, and follow them. There’s also a “Discover” tool to swipe through cards of random Zepeto users. Instant dating app, eh?

You can virtually take photos with your friends

Photo from Madel Crudo

Another social component of the app is its photobooth-like feature. You and your friends can gather your virtual avatars for a selfie. People can also create their own emojis, which are reaction images.

Will you try out Zepeto?


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