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Model of the moment Jordan Barrett closed the show of Penshoppe’s Holiday 2018 collection. The 21-year-old—whose looks has been described by fashion publications as the “love child of Leonardo Dicaprio and a ferocious lioness—went around White Space Manila at the last part of the brand’s celestial themed presentation in a button-down striped shirt and camp colored pants.

Penshoppe’s cosmic collection features futuristic pieces like tracksuits, high neck tops, and wide trousers, all heavy with functional details. It makes use of a lot of deep grays, violets, and blacks as base complemented with more fiery accents.

Described by Vogue as a “defining face of fashion,” Barrett spent his first weekend in the Philippines in Lagen Island in Palawan. Having toggled between the sandy beaches of Byron Bay and Gold Coast in Australia, Barrett was quite happy with his first getaway here. “I went to Palawan island. And I got to be with the best people. I was basically adopted by penshoppe. And to see all this… I don’t understand it. It’s all new to me.” Suffice to say, he loved the experience. “The water is crystal clear! Bring back the reef! Protect the reef. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

As a sought after name among international brands, he’s gotten to travel in different corners of the globe. With his growing fame, he’s trying to grapple with the responsibilities of being a celebrity. “I’m living every moment. My advice to everyone is to be yourself. But be yourself with an understanding of what you’re living in and where you stand. Everyone has a voice nowadays. And make use of it.”

For more on the collection, visit Jordan Barrett is @iblamejordan on Instagram.

Header image from Penshoppe


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