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Contrary to the popular belief, tarot reading isn’t an esoteric practice of ~evil~, it’s actually an in-depth connection between the reader and the person whose cards are being read. Tarot cards are merely tools that hold a mirror to one’s life, which you’d basically have to translate through a narrative interpretation.

Together with a lot of rules, some would claim that you have to least have your cards gifted to you by someone else. Don’t fret — this is subjective at best. It’s important to know that there’s no one way to do it, since tarot reading is a divination custom that’s mostly intuition and mastery. Here are a few pointers to avoid being overwhelmed:

Keep it personal

Remember to go back to the reason you started tarot — you. The core of this art is the spiritual connection you initially felt between the cards and yourself. More importantly, stick with simple things first. You’ll get the hang of it, but you have to allow yourself to be a beginner. Choose to understand meek techniques and meanings, and take your sweet time choosing your first deck.

Connect with another tarot student

The classic power of having a study buddy isn’t lost even in this activity. Tarot has been around for years and years but it remains indefinable and confusing, so if you get a chance to seek help through another person starting, do it! It will provide you with a better perspective and understanding of the cards.

Figure out a ritual that works best for you

Established ways may suggest traditional rituals before every reading, but then again, tarot is personal and should tailor to your spiritual energy. Discover what connects best with you, so everything lines up every reading.

Trust the process

The best results come like instinct. Don’t second-guess what comes through an interpretation, find a way to associate your initial impressions with well-versed rendition. By all means, it’s advisable to not be a stickler, but there are instances that you have to be confident with the flow that primarily happens.

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