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“Social judgment is real… But love will always win.”

Partners Tim Yap and Javi Martinez are among the brave souls who conquered society’s stereotyping and endured social judgment to fight for their love. No wonder, they’re one of the couples featured in Closeup #FreetoLove campaign.

In an exclusive interview with MB Life during the Closeup event, Tim and Javi, who is an events director, share their story with us and give a message to couples who are also fighting for their relationship.

Partners Javi Martinez and Tim Yap during the Closeup #Freetolove event. (Photos by Jessica Pag-iwayan)

Just like any couple, Tim and Javi admit that they both work hard to keep what they have intact. It makes it easier for the couple to be surrounded by people who support and respect them, something that they’re truly grateful for.

“For the people who judge, we don’t allow negativity to enter our sphere of love. We make sure we protect it. We make sure that we don’t allow anything to pull us down. It’s something that we have committed to fight for,” Tim says.

Not everyone is as lucky or as accepted as them, though. “Social judgment is real. Something that you have to accept and embrace. But love will always win. So if you fight for your love, and if you believe in it strongly, then it’s something that you should face and be strong for, and be willing to fight for,” Tim tells everyone who’s in the same predicament.

The partners acknowledge Closeup for pioneering a movement that aims to promote equal rights to love for everyone, regardless of gender, identity, and religion.

Tim and Javi got married on Christmas day, December 25 in the US last year.


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