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Filipinos are notorious for being big rice eaters. In fact, a meal is never complete without a cup or two. This is why rice bowl offerings at fast food restaurants instantly become bestsellers.

Tokyo Tokyo, a Japanese restaurant chain in the country, is hopping on the bandwagon with their Wagyu Rice Series. A continuation of sorts from their successful Wagyu Cubes Bento, the new series features Japanese fried rice flavored with premium Wagyu beef topped with the resto’s signature dishes.

Beef Yakiniku

If you’re a beef lover, the Beef Yakiniku Wagyu Rice is for you. This bowl is served with shredded carrots, a tender sunny-side up egg, and shreds of succulent beef topped with sesame seeds.

Chicken Teriyaki

If you’re down for anything teriyaki, the Chicken Teriyaki Wagyu Rice is the way to go. The bowl is served with a grilled chicken slice (the most tender we’ve ever had) drizzled with unagi sauce, with lettuce and mayo on the side.

Classic Prawn Tempura

If you’re not a fan of meats, the Classic Prawn Tempura is your best seafood bet. It’s served with crispy shrimp, onion rings, and potato tempura with unagi sauce on top and onion leeks.

Here’s the even better part: Each hearty bowl is priced at P180. Such a steal for a filling meal!

Which of these bowls will you have for lunch?

The Wagyu Rice Series is now available in Tokyo Tokyo stores nationwide. For more information, follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Images by Madel Crudo


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