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“I’m going to take you to an emotional rollercoaster ride,” tells British song-writer Calum Scott to the jam-packed New Frontier Theater crowd  when he stepped up on stage for the Philippine leg of his ‘Only Human’ Asia Tour.

It was a night of music, pride, and love. And Calum sure did deliver.

When the lights turned on and the music played, his voice silenced the cheering crowd. With no outfit change, backup performers, and grand stage design, the show banked on Calum’s raw talent, accompanied by his band’s remarkable musicality.

“This is where music started for me. When I was trying to find my own voice, it was me with just the guitar or the piano. I want to take you back to the essentials, to where I found music,” he says.

Calum receives his 2x Platinum award for his ‘Only Human’ album presented by Universal Music Philippines (Photos by Roc Verdera).

Calum’s voice, which had sold more than 6.5 million album copies worldwide, took his Pinoy fans all over the place. His songs—some of which that he performed were ‘Come Back Home,’ ‘Rhythm Inside,’ ‘You Are The Reason,’ ‘What I Miss Most,’ and ‘If Our Love Is Wrong’—are known for their honest lyrics that impart a sense of vulnerability among the listeners. His musical storytelling makes people feel loved and brokenhearted at the same time.

“I find it imperative to write songs that we can all relate to,” he shares. 

Music as his refuge

In between his song numbers are inspirational messages to his followers. But the most heartwarming narrative—so emotional that it moved not only the crowd but also Calum himself—was his coming out story.

Referring to his song titled ‘No Matter What’ as the most personal he’s ever written, the 30-year-old singer recalled the moment when he came out to his mother, to whom he dedicated the song.

Calum singing for his Filipino fans at The New Frontier Theatre.

“Those of you who know my story would know how difficult it was for me to identify who I was when I was a kid. I was confused. I was isolated. The first person I talked to about it was my mom, and she gave me the most beautiful reaction,” Calum recounts. “Then I found music. I found a way to be able to tell how I felt[…] I’m gay and I’m proud of it.”

Calum sang the song, and he cried tears of joy soon after. The audience responded with a loud applause. Few more songs until he capped off the night with arguably the most recognized version of Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own,’ the same song which earned Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer in the 2015 edition of Britain’s Got Talent.

Calum rose to global stardom after emerging as one of the finalists in the reality talent show, and his Pinoy fans are just a portion of his worldwide supporters he continues to attract.

“I just want to say, mahal ko kayo. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I’d like to come back time and time and time again,” he ends.

Calum Scott’s “Only Human” Asia tour in Manila is made possible by AEG and Ovation Productions.


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