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Heads up, guys and gals! Paramount Pictures is reportedly plotting a revamp of the 1995 movie Clueless. The Alicia Silverstone-led comedy starring a spoiled Bel-Air teenager is loved for its iconic phrases and 90s nostalgia, so how will a contemporary version of it hold a candle to the cult classic?

It looks like there’s no stopping this production, however, especially with GLOW writer Marquita Robinson officially on board. We didn’t want to seem like snobs and a half, so we enumerated a few ayes and nays about the upcoming remake below:

PRO: The Generation Z treatment is great for a fresh set of viewers

Clueless may be 23 years old, but its influence remains significantly alive among its initial audiences. The reboot has a lot of opportunities to be good with well-crafted tweaks for the different wave of fans from the cohort after millennials.

CON: The film isn’t completely independent from its era

Image Courtesy: Interview Magazine

Alright, this may be… tricky. Since the flick relied a lot on cultural references, it’s always going to a part of the time when it was released. Clueless’ milieu is a huge part of its appeal, so modernizing it can be challenging. For one, the picture’s fashion is highly regarded — to the point that Cher’s (Alicia Silverstone) plaid yellow outfit is a popular costume for Halloween.

PRO: Paul Rudd can be ‘Josh’ again

Image Courtesy: Bustle

No one in the early cast confirmed or posted anything yet — but we can dream, right?! More details should follow since things are still in early phases, and Paul Rudd doesn’t really age, so it’s possible that we get to see ex-step-brother Josh again.

CON: The improvements may not be at par with the original’s quality

Image Courtesy: SHEmazing!

Most remakes flop because moviemakers try to extract majority of the primary narrative and characters. Those who’ve had successful runs redo recognizable elements with new takes that also pay respect to the first story — so let’s hope this installment does all the right things.

Well, there you go. There’s not much to consider so we might change whatever we’re feeling about the follow-up when more details are available. In any case, we’re hoping that the latest rudiments line up to give justice to this ~amazeballs~ of a movie.

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