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Breakup anthems almost always ooze with pain, bitterness, and anger, but Ariana Grande is grateful for all her exes. In a just-released song called “Thank U, Next,” the singer-songwriter finally addressed her past relationships in the way she knows best—music.

Far from a diss track, Grande expressed her gratitude towards her exes, first name-dropping rapper Big Sean and backup dancer Ricky Alvarez. “Thought I’d end up with Sean/But he wasn’t a match/ Wrote some songs about Ricky/Now I listen and laugh,” part of the first verse said.

She also mentioned being almost married to Pete Davidson from her most recent relationship, as well as the late Mac Miller—Grande’s old flame who died just last September due to drug overdose—in perhaps the most touching line in the new single. “Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm [Miller]/’Cause he was an angel,” she sang.

The song goes on to discuss self-love and being okay with solitude. Grande said she found a new flame whose name is Ari AKA herself. “Spend more time with my friends/I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’,” she continued. “She taught me love/She taught me patience/How she handles pain/ That sh*t’s amazing (Yeah, she’s amazing).

In the end, Grande said she’s grown so much through all her exes. She said she’s learned from the pain, which helped her turn out the way she is. I’ve loved and I’ve lost/But that’s not what I see,” she sang. “‘Cause look what I’ve found/Ain’t no need for searching/And for that, I’ll say [thank you, next].”

And on to the next she is.

Grande is kick starting the North American leg of her Sweetener World Tour 2019 in March. More dates and venues in other countries are expected to be released in the near future.

In the meantime, hear the official audio here:


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