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The four-day long weekend was a much-needed, fun-filled break. It’s probably one of the best getaways you’ve had in a long time. We’re certain you feel like staying at the beach or the countryside for just a few more days. That miserable feeling is all too familiar. Just like your old flame, however, it’s far from over. Time to get back to the daily grind and hustle.

Here’s what you can do to beat your back-to-work blues.

Do easy exercises

Get your body moving. Gone are the days of sleeping all day and waking up only to the sound of cooking in the kitchen. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, especially if your office is just two floors away from the lobby. Do squats on your chair, too. Raise one leg forward and hold your arms in front of you. Stand up on one leg and return to sitting position, then alternate legs, and repeat 10 times.

Eat brain-boosting food

Instead of snacking on the chips you’ve missed dearly while on break, channel your inner squirrel and munch on walnuts. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that improve learning and memory. Glucose (or sugar) is also needed for your brain to function properly so a banana break can help as well. Have some dark chocolates, too, as it helps improve stress hormone levels and overall mood.

Plan the week ahead

Having to-do lists work, but designating tasks on specific days is more efficient. Every Sunday night, write down all that you need to accomplish for the whole week and allocate time for each. Not only do you know what you need to work on for the day, it’s less likely for you to miss deadlines, too. That’s less stress and more brownie points for you.

Work-life balance is key

Manage your time wisely and make sure to finish your tasks within your nine to five shift. Have a hobby to keep you busy this weekend, like playing basketball or reading the book that’s been sitting in your shelf unopened for so long. Create a bucket list, if you don’t have one yet and try to cross off an item every month. Make time for your friends and family, too. Remember: You don’t just make a living. You have to live, human.

Plan your next vacation

Having another little holiday to look forward to can boost happiness for eight weeks, according to a study published in the journal, Applied Research in Quality of Life. Even planning the vacation itself helps your mood, which then pushes you to spend each day being productive and efficient in your tasks.


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