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Whether you’re inside a plane or cramped inside a van with your immediate and extended family members, one thing’s for sure: looking and feeling fresh is a priority. By now, you’re probably on your way back to Manila after a long weekend of enjoying the countryside food and view. Others who did not want to deal with the Undas rush are only now heading out of Manila. Nevertheless, here’s what you should keep in your bag before that 10-hour trip back home.

Face Mist

While you can use your trustee face mist as a primer or a setting spray, you can also bring it with you on your travels to refresh and hydrate skin throughout the day. It’s especially helpful in enclosed spaces like the airplane, where air dries the skin. Try spraying it all over you area and not just your face.

Lip Balm

Skip the lipstick and go for a lip balm. You need moisture now more than ever. You can apply a bit on your cuticles, too. If you’re bored with your good ol’ Chapstick, however, tinted balms are just as good. They provide a sheer wash of color without drying out your lips.

Micellar Cleansing Wipes

Traveling to and from places means dealing with dirt, sweat, and oil on your skin. Gross, right? This is why having micellar cleansing wipes in your bag can help wipe away traces of misfortune on your face. It’s alcohol-free, which means it’s non-drying. It has micelles, too, which are tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules, that help in removing dirt from and in moisturizing the skin.


We live on the sunny side of Earth and the fight against harmful UVA and UVB rays will most likely never end. Consider your sunscreens your shield against dark spots, freckles, sunburn, and aging. Make sure to reapply sunscreen at least once throughout the day both on your face and body. Opt for a moisturizing formula, too, so you won’t have to squeeze that bottle of lotion in your already crowded bag.

Roll-On Perfume

When traveling, it’s important to not just feel and look good. You have to smell like the part, too. Ditch those expensive bottle perfumes and go for those that come in roll on packaging. Not only are they spill-proof, they last longer, too.


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